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  • 01-01-1970
  • 01-01-1970
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Tanah Abang Market
Tanah Abang Market (Pasar Tanah Abang) was called a Saturday Market because it was only opened on Saturday back then.
This Market was built on August 1735 by Yustinus Vinck. The sales in this market keep growing but on 1740, this market was destroyed because of the  Chineezenmoord Tragedy. O
n 1881, Tanah Abang Market gradually recovered. The market opened two days, Saturday and Wednesday. The development of Tanah Abang Station also made the business increasing.

Tanah Abang market is finally opened every day, semi-permanent buildings have been transformed into multi-storey buildings that can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of traders.
Right now, Tanah Abang Market sells not only textile, but also souvenirs, jewelry, shoes, school equipment, and so on.
Dont forget, you can do bargaining in this market, so have fun bargaining and get the best price from the seller!

How to get there:
take a train and get off at Tanah Abang Station, and walk to Tanah Abang Market (IDR. 3500)

video source: Youtube Account Pasar Tanah Abang