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  • 01-08-2020
  • 31-08-2020
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Hi Traveler!

At the age of 35, DUFAN invites all DUFAN friends to experience the same journey through a virtual 35 km movement. Movement not only for yourself, but also for orphans and underprivileged children through the donation of 3500 toys. Each participant can participate in 3 categories, which are: ⁣
- Walking⁣
- Running⁣
- Cycling⁣
And do a virtual race as far as 35km. Every participant who takes part in the Virtual Race will immediately participate in the movement of 3500 toys for orphans and underprivileged children
Participants who can travel the furthest distance during the period 29 August - 13 September 2020 will get DUFAN 35 YEARS PASS (free to DUFAN for 35 years). Which means that you can accumulate distance per day. Wow, when can you donate and get the opportunity to DUFAN FREE for 35 YEARS