Niyaniya Theater Bangau Kertas
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  • 07-12-2019
  • 08-12-2019
  •  07.00 p.m  -  09.00 p.m  & 02.00 p.m  -  04.00 p.m 
  • Teater Kecil, Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta
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Niyaniya Theater Bangau Kertas
Theater Niyaniya presents its 9th production entitled "Paper Stork"
Date: December 7 - 8 2019
Venue: Little Theater, Taman Ismail Jakarta
Time: 07.00 p.m  -  09.00 p.m  & 02.00 p.m  -  04.00 p.m 
The Paper Crane Staging was directed by Carmelita Christie and the manuscript was written by Ghina Khairunnisa.
A world where sword swings rule everything
The world where those who don't lift swords are the weakest
A story about the life of a samurai who vowed to no longer raise his sword
A legend of a thousand paper cranes that became the final guide of his steps towards a world without bloodshed
When, fate brought it to a ninja
A ninja who is willing to do anything to become stronger for the sake of his clan
A ninja, who not only opens the samurai's eyes about the meaning of power, but also true peace
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