Discussion Why There Is Ballet in Indonesia
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  • 06-12-2019
  • 06-12-2019
  • 01.30 p.m 
  • J Gedung Sekolah Pascasarjana IKJ, Central Jakarta
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Discussion Why There Is Ballet in Indonesia
Discussion "Why Are Ballets in Indonesia" together: ⁣
Keynote Speaker: ⁣
- Julianti Parani⁣
  will be held at the Postgraduate Versatile Building, Jakarta Art Institute:
Date: December 6, 2019
Place: Postgraduate Multipurpose Building, IKJ Jakarta
Time: 01.30 p.m 
Discussion "Why Is There Ballet in Indonesia" in Searching for "Ballet in Batavia" Dance
Speaker: ⁣
- Bambang Bujono⁣
- Sonya Indriati Sondakh⁣
- Andrianti Permata Ayu⁣
Moderator: ⁣
- Josh Marcy⁣
Please make a reservation through: https://www.loket.com/event/balletinbatavia⁣
The whole series of Dance Search "Ballet in Batavia" is open to the public and does not charge (FREE) ⁣

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