Kotogadang Culture Degree
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  • 05-11-2019
  • 05-11-2019
  • 04.00 p.m - 08.00 p.m
  • Grand Indonesia – West Wing, lantai 8, Auditorium Galeri Indonesia Kaya
  • 0877-8201-9388 (Fabiona Syarif) |
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Kotogadang Culture Degree
Date: 5 November 2019
Venue: Grand Indonesia - West Wing, 8th floor, Auditorium of the Indonesia Rich Gallery
Time: 04.00 a.m - 08.00 p.m 
Hi, For those of you who like poetry, don't miss the Kotogadag Culture Degree event on the first Sunday of November!
The program included a Talkshow & Poetry Reading Contest Commemorating Poet Hamid Jabbar ..
Here's the Registration Form for those of you who want to try to register:
Registration form
Poetry Reading Contest Participants Alm. Hamid Jabbar
Deadline for Registration: Sunday, 3 November 2019, Pk. 21:00
Name: ______________
Gender: L / P
Status: Student / Student / Employee / Housewife (circle one)
School name : _______
Municipal: _____ (for students)
Age: ___ years old
Mobile Number (Whatsapp): ______
Mandatory Poetry: HILL HIGH
Poetry Choices: Circle one:
1. Ah! Yes...
2. The scent of Death
3. To Yulia, 2
4. Proclamation 2
(Poems all in Indonesian)
These poems can be seen by clicking on the following link:
Send this Registration Form to:
WA: 0877-8201-9388 (Fabiona Syarif)
Or Via E-mail: fabiona.syahrial@gmail.com
Information and Regulations on Race, to: WA 0877-8201-9388 (Fabiona Syarif)

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