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  • 23-11-2019
  • 23-11-2019
  • 06.30 p.m
  • Pasar Seni Ancol
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Deepavali Festival
With the Jakarta Community
Come on, join us in the celebration of the Deepavali Festival "The Light of Victory Deepavali Illuminates and Blends Others" with the people of Jakarta!
Date: Saturday, November 23, 2019
at: 06:30 p.m 
Place: Pasar Seni, Ancol
Enjoy the colorful night atmosphere, the music played by the capital's artists, dances from the Sri Renganathar Academic Dance Malaysia, cultural festivals, and don't forget while eating Indian cuisine.
The event is free and open for the public. Take along with your family and friends.
See you there!