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Details, Jakarta - As a means of promotion and database of studios in the capital, the Department of Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) of Jakarta provides a special page that can be accessed through Head of Sub Dept  of Culture Jakarta City Government Touism and Culture Office, Gumilar Ekalaya, said that this page could help promote the studios (localy know as Sanggar) in Jakarta.
"The information and data provided is certainly accurate because it is filled independently by the studios," he said, Monday (7/10). Gumilar explained, the more works of art or experience included would certainly be the value of interest for potential users of studio services.
The method is that the manager or the person in charge of the studio can simply register themselves and then enter their complete studio profile on that particular page. The required data such as the name and address of the studio, membership, experience, documentation of activities, and others. "Every time there is something new, the studio owner or manager can do an update, both related to activities and creations and the latest work," he explained.
According to him, this particular web page actually facilitates the disparbud in gathering data from studios in Jakarta without having to go one by one, so that they can be more effective and efficient. "This is one of our efforts to make it easy for the managers of the studios and those who need the services of the studios by utilizing technological developments," he said.
In addition to facilitating data collection, Gumilar continued, the Jakarta Disparbud can map the studios starting from the types of arts, the distribution of studios in the area, including the infrastructure owned by the studio. Through clear mapping, Jakarta Disparbud will be easy in conducting coaching and empowering studios in Jakarta.
"We will know the number of studios in Jakarta, also what percentage of Betawi, Sundanese, or Central Java studios. Then, related to the distribution, number and age of members, to the facilities and infrastructure owned, "explained Gumilar.
He added, Disparbud  Jakarta continued to intensify the socialization related to the existence of the page. "We also do socialization through the Department of Tourism and Culture in each region," he said. (US) | M. Aulia Rahman