The Shiva Mandhir Temple

Jakarta is known for its diversity. Because of its diversity, you definitely can experience a lot of things in Jakarta, it includes visiting various worship places. If you are interested in exploring Hinduism worship places, you must visit The Shiva Mandhir temple.

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The Shiva Mandhir Temple is the biggest Tamil Hindus temple in Jakarta. Moreover, it is also known for its complete collections of the statue Hindu deities. The Shiva Mandhir Temple was built as a small place of worship in 1954 by a group of Sindhis, who make up the majority of the Hindus in Jakarta. The building was refurbished and expanded to its present state in 1975 in order to accommodate the growing number of devotees.
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There are three things that you have to know before visiting the place, which is dress modestly, making a reservation, and do not bring any non-vegetarian food inside. Afterward, when you arrive at the temple you can see its stand-out portico for the entrance, it was high and orange in color. The design of the portico resembles the temple architecture in India. Before you are going into the main building, you have to remove your shoes and wash your hands. Once you are in, you can experience how spacious the temple is. It can accommodate a large number of devotees. Furthermore, you are most likely to meet many devotees from different cultural backgrounds, such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.
07.00 AM to 08.45 PM

- Parking lot
- Toilet
- Free drinking water
- Free food (on special occasion)

The location of the temple is next to the Klenteng Satya Dharma. You can access it by public transportation like Transjakarta or Commuter Line. The nearest Transjakarta stops are Penjaringan and Pluit Karang Indah and you need to take approximately 12 minutes by walking before arriving at the temple. However, if you are choosing Commuter Line you can stop at Angke, Jakarta Kota, or Duri station, but you have to take another 40-50 minutes to walk before arriving at the temple or simply you can choose online transportation to help you.

Address: Jl. Pluit Barat Raya 46, Penjaringan - Pluit, Jakarta, Indonesia, 14450
Telephone: +62 21 6616617 or +62 21 314 2067 (Tourist Information)