Jami Keramat Luar Batang Mosque

Jami Keramat Luar Batang Mosque

Jami Keramat Luar Batang Mosque or also known as the Luar Batang Mosque is a historical worship building in the Penjaringan area, North Jakarta. Luar Batang Mosque is visited by thousands of pilgrims every day, because in the mosque complex there is a room for the sacred tomb of Al-Habib Husein bin Abubakar Alaydrus and his assistant, a Chinese descendant named Habib Abdul Kadir. Habib Husein was an Arab Hadramaut who moved to Java via the Sunda Kelapa Harbor in 1736. His lineage is said to be connected to the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The mosque building, which is also one of the cultural heritages of the Jakarta Provincial Government, overlooks the Sunda Kelapa Harbor. The mosque has 2 large halls, an inner hall and an outer hall. Each of these halls has 12 stakes, which add up to 24. It is said that this indicates the number of hours in the day, 12 hours of the day and 12 hours of the night. Besides the outer hall, there is a room which is the location of the tombs of Habib Husein and his student, Haji Abdul Kadir.

Masjid Jami Keramat Luar Batang was built by Habib Husein in the 18th century. Habib Husein himself is known as one of the figures who opposed the Dutch colonialism in the Sunda Kelapa area. Because of this attitude, he had a taste of prison life. Habib Husein died on June 24, 1756 at a relatively young age, which is less than forty years.

The name of this mosque was given according to Habib Husein's nickname, Habib Luar Batang. He was so nicknamed because it is said that when Habib Husein died and was about to be buried around Tanah Abang, suddenly his body was not in the "stem brackets". This went on for three times. Finally, the congregation at that time agreed to bury him in his place today. So I mean, out of "stem brackets".
Now the Luar Batang Mosque is one of the places frequently visited as a religious tourist spot for residents of Jakarta and outside Jakarta who wish to visit. This mosque is open to the public and can be visited at any time, it is not surprising that many pilgrims come and pray for Habib Husein.

How to get there

Jami Keramat Luar Batang Mosque or Luar Batang Mosque located at Luar Batang Street, Gang V No. 1, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. You can take TransJakarta Bus to go there.

(Estimated Tariff: 5 to 7 am 2.000 IDR and 7 am to 12 am 3.500 IDR)
Take the TransJakarta Bus from Aston Pluit Bus Stop with route PIK - Balai Kota (Corridor 1) Then get off at Masjid Luat Batang Mosque Bus Stop.

Operational Time: everyday, 24 hours

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