Transmart Carrefour-Jakarta

Transmart Carrefour
A destination with a new concept, Transmart Carrefour which is spread in various regions in Jakarta will make your shopping atmosphere more comfortable. There is a lounge in the information area which is equipped with a sofa so that it can function as a place to wait for the queue to be served.

PT Trans Retail Indonesia with TransCorporation continues to innovate in providing world class service standards in the Indonesian retail industry through the Carrefour, Transmart and Groserindo brands.

Interesting Things You Can Find on Carrefour Transmart

1. Fashion & Beauty
Carrying the theme of one stop shopping, you can fulfill your fashion & beauty needs with a shopping atmosphere like in a department store. Various brands with high quality, ranging from work clothes, casual, and everyday clothes for men, women, children, to babies are available at Transmart Carrefour.

2. Electronic Pro
A variety of quality electronic brands, present at Transmart Carreforur. Starting from television, DVD players, refrigerators, air conditioners, fans, ovens, and other household electronic appliances. The gadget needs are also complete ranging from smartphones, tablets and other telephone accessories such as power banks, headphones, modems, and others.

3. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Transmart Carrefour prioritizes fresh fruits & vegetables all the time. Not only quality but also convenience when shopping. Vegetable and fruit arrangement is more dynamic.

4. Food & Beverages
Hungry after shopping? Transmart Carrefour serves a variety of quality foods from traditional to international.

5. Kids City
Transmart Carrefour also provides a play area for children that will bring joy to all family members. This play area is created based on the theme of icons from countries in the world with an atmosphere of adventure.
So what are you waiting for? Bring your entire family and experience shopping for yourself with the new concept of Transmart Carrefour.
For more information, please visit Transmart website or youtube account and the official instagram http://https: //

Photo and video source: official instagram and youtube channel Transmart Carrefour

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