Gulai Tikungan, Blok M

Gulai Tikungan, Blok M
Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia which is attached to the image of a busy city. Besides government activities, economic activities are also centered in Jakarta. Weekends are the expected time to unwind. Many things can be done one of them by visiting several tourist attractions. Culinary tourism is one of the right choices in Jakarta. A variety of culinary is available ranging from roadside snacks that offer a sense of luxury at low prices to luxury restaurants in shopping centers in the capital.
In a cheap culinary area that is quite popular in Jakarta, especially in the Blok M area, there is one of the legendary culinary that you should not miss. This culinary is for you who are saving on budget. This cheap culinary in Jakarta is a delicious curry dish cooked in a cauldron and often referred to as "Gultik" or "Gulai Tikungan." As the name implies, this culinary is located on the edge of the road and bend around the Bulungan area, Mahakam Street Blok M.
The curry or Gulai Tikungan that has been sold since 1983 is a typical Solo curry with flavors that are so delicious and shake your tongue. You can enjoy the typical beef curry with the fragrance of this spice with prices ranging from IDR 8,000 to IDR 10,000 per serving.
This curry contains rice, curry sauce, sliced ​​beef and offal as well as a sprinkling of fried onions and soy sauce. Once you have tasted this food, surely you will feel addicted and not enough with just one serving. In addition to the meat curry dishes, there are also quail eggs satay and crackers as a complement.
If you are curious about this culinary, you can come to Blok M plaza and find many Gultik traders around the location. No need to be afraid of running out of places because there are many chairs and vendors selling this curry since 8 pm until 3 am.
Gultik price range: IDR 10.000 / portion
Range of companion snacks such as satay: IDR 5.000.00 / stick
How To Get There
Public Transportation:
1. MRT (Rates: IDR 8.000)
Take the MRT from Budnaran HI to Lebak Bulus route. Then stop at Blok M Station, after that walk to Mahakam Street, Blok M.
2. TransJakarta Bus (Rates: IDR 3.500)
Take the TransJakarta Bus corridor 1 with Kota-Blok M route, and get off at the final stop Blok M Station. Then walk to the location, and you will find many Gultik Traders around Mahakam Street, Blok M.
Photo source: Instagram @ gultik_blok_m