Arum Manis Ririn, Mayestik Market

Arum Manis Ririn, Mayestik Market

Arum Manis or Arbanat more commonly called “Rambut Nenek” is one of Indonesian snacks whose existence is extremely difficult to be found. Have you ever tasted it?
“Arum Manis” was a popular snack in 90's. it's a traditional snack from Kesambi Village in Lamongan Regency. Some opinions said Arum Manis from Malang, East Java. Well, because the appearance looks like grandma's hair, so people namely “Rambut Nenek”.

The main ingredients for this snack are sugar, flour and vegetable oil, while the chips are made from sago flour. 
By time to time, Arum Manis began to be made by various colors like green, pink and yellow. Even Arrum Manis has various flavors. For example: durian, melon, pandan, and many more.
You can found this snack at Arum Manis Ririn, located in Mayestik Market-South Jakarta.
Don’t forget to buy and taste it! you’ll love it.

How Can Get There

Using public transportation:
1. TransJakarta Bus (estimated tariff: IDR 3.500,00)
From Blok M Station, take the bus to Puri Beta 2 (Corridor 13A). Then stop at Mayestik Station.

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