The Kitchen Magic Indonesia

The Kitchen Magic Indonesia

Kitchen Magic Indonesia located in Mall of Kota Kasablanka, 2nd floor and Mall of Artha Gading is a destination for "Kids Cafe, Bento and Cooking Class" offering exciting experiences for children and parents who want to attend cooking classes. No need to order in advance to take a cooking class. Open every day from 11:00 to 20:00.
The Kitchen Magic Indonesia provides several cooking class programs including:
1. Cookies decoration program, intended for children to be able to create their own decorating cookies as they wish, with a variety of forms of cookies. Children are free to hold all cooking utensils, of course, with their parents and employees of kitchen magic who are always ready to help.
2. Mom & Kids Program, a cooking program between mother and child, in this program mothers and children can also make a bento together. This joint cooking program can further strengthen the bond between mother and  child.Furthermore, mother can also introduce the types of cake ingredients and types of cuisine to children.
3. Cooking Class Program. Specifically for anyone who wants to seriously cook. In this program will be taught to make cookie dough using flour, sugar, eggs and other baking ingredients.
To follow the entire cooking program here, you don't need to bring cooking utensils or food ingredients from home because everything has been provided by Kitchen Magic Indonesia. After cooking, all our dishes can be taken home.

How To Get There
1. Kasablanka Mall wih Public Transportation
- TransJakarta Station: Blok M
Use TransJakarta transportation from Blok M (corridor 6 M) to Manggarai. Stop and exit at GOR Sumantri TransJakarta Station, then walk away to TransJakarta Station in front of Plaza Festival, continues use TransJakarta to Epicentrum - Casablanca and stop at SDN Menteng Dalam, 01 beside Kasablanka Mall.

2. Artha Gading Mall
- TransJakarta Station: PGC 2
Use TransJakarta Bus From PGC 2 Station to Tanjung Priok (Corridor 10) and stop at Sunter Kelapa Gading TransJakarta Station, then exit at east station and walk away +- 100 meter to Artha Gading Mall.

Photo Source: Official instagram @kitchenmagicindonesia

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