Jakarta Garden City

Jakarta Garden City

Jakarta Garden City is an area that has a lot of dwellings and other facilities that are presented specifically for residents and visitors. Among these facilities ranging from shopping centers, lifestyle centers, modern markets, culinary centers, sports and recreation centers, there is also huge green area.

Jakarta Garden City has a strategic location, including direct access to the JORR toll road, inner-city toll roads, and only 5 kilometers from the Kelapa Gading area. Other supporting facilities in Jakarta Garden City are a food park, IKEA, Mayapada Hospital, AEON Mall which has been operating since 2017, as well as access to Tipar Street-Cakung which has begun operating.

Jakarta Garden City has an area of ​​370 hectares and with the concept of "Eco Township", it can be seen from the commercial housing that has been developed by bringing the concept of regional balance. Jakarta Garden City also offers an environment for residence, investment, recreation, and is supported by 120 hectares of green open space.

Jakarta Garden City also has a shopping center which is a modern market that sells a variety of needs, especially kitchen needs. Modern Market in Jakarta Garden City is a retail and commercial center where everyone, especially residents in Jakarta Garden City, can obtain and fulfill their daily needs in a clean and comfortable modern market.

Jakarta Garden City modern market also professionally managed with a large number of stalls and stalls, this market is quite complete if you want to shop for daily needs. Jakarta Garden City Modern Market serves a variety of basic needs including vegetables that are still very fresh, meat that is still very fresh, fish, spices and other necessities.

How Can Get There

Public Transportation:
1. Senen Bus Stop
Take TransJakarta bus from Senen Bus Stop heading to Pulo Gadung (corridor 2), get off at the ASMI Bus Stop. Continue with TransJakarta route on ASMI - Kota Harapan Indah and get off at Pulo Gebang 2 stop. Finally, use TransJakarta with Kota Harapan Indah - JGC route and get off at Jakarta Garden City bus stop.

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