Mataram Park

 Mataram Park
Taman Mataram is a tourist attraction that is bustling with tourists on weekdays and holidays. This place is very beautiful and can give a different sensation to our daily activities. Taman Mataram Tourism in Kebayoran Baru  South Jakarta has a charm of beauty that is very interesting to visit. visit Mataram Park Tourism in Kebayoran Baru which has such beauty that is second to none.
Taman Mataram Tourism in Kebayoran Baru South  Jakarta is one example of a public park located in the green area of ​​Mataram. Some types of flowering plants are intentionally planted to give color and cheerfulness such as kana red flower (Canna indica), alamanda yellow flower, tabebuya yellow flower (Tabebuia caraiba), Mandevilla, and bottle brush (Callistemon viminalis). Some shade plants are productive plants such as kedondong, buni, and jackfruit complete the garden collection.
as a green open space in the form of a city park that can be utilized by the general public for activities. An elongated rectangular garden area surrounded by two protocol streets and two residential neighborhood roads. Forms of interactive activities that are usually done outside the home can be done in this area such as jogging, relaxation or just sitting relaxing while enjoying the morning sun and fresh air. For children, also provided a playground and simple gym facilities that complement the activities of sports in the morning.
Taman Mataram Tourism in Kebayoran Baru DKI Jakarta Selatan Jakarta is arguably an Educational and Refresing tour which has several facilities and services including:
- Vehicle parking area
- Playground
- Bathroom 
- Rest area
- Sports venues
- jogging track
- and many others

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