Tugu Church is one of the oldest churches in Indonesia located in Kampung Tugu, North Jakarta.  Tugu Church was built around 1676-1678 by the Portuguese. This church has an area of ​​1.5 hectares. Interestingly, at the front of the church there is a Portuguese grave
In 1740 the Tugu church was destroyed, along with the events of the Chinese Rebellion (Chinese Onlusten) and the slaughter of the Chinese in Batavia, during the Governor General Adriaan Valckenier's ruling in Batavia in 1737-1741.
At present the Tugu church still stands and functions as a "GPIB Tugu", although in many angles many have to be repaired due to age. This church looks simple but looks sturdy and neat, containing antique benches, metal plates, and an old pulpit. The bells in the church are thought to have been made in 1880, because the oldest bells made in 1747 were broken and kept in a priest's house.
Tugu Church is one of 12 tourist destinations in North Jakarta.
Address: Jalan Raya Tugu Semper Barat No.20, RT. 10/6, Cilincing, North Jakarta.
Phone: (021) 4403767

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