The Chinatown Festival 2019
The Chinatown Festival 2019
Date  : November 16, 2019
Place : Plaza Fatahillah, Old Town Area, Jakarta
Time  : 10.00 - 21.30 WIB
The Chinatown Festival, which will be held on November 16, 2019, is located in Plaza Fatahillah, the Old City Area, an event organized by the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office to preserve Chinese culture while celebrating the ethnic and cultural diversity of Indonesia, especially Jakarta. This event will give visitors an insight into the history of Chinese ethnic assimilation with the life of the Jakarta Betawi Tribe.
For all who want to know the history of the Chinese ethnic in Jakarta, please come to the Chinatown Festival event on November 16, 2019 which is located in Plaza Fatahillah, Kota Tua area which will be enlivened with the appearance of keromong keromong, gambus, lion dance, plate spinning and the peak performance of colossal drama themed. ethnic Chinese and Betawi struggles in fighting for Indonesian independence. In addition, visitors will also be treated to a variety of culinary typical of Chinese and Betawi.
Come on, don't forget to invite your relatives / friends / family ... !!!

  • 10.00 - 21.30 WIB
  • Plaza Fatahillah, Old Town Area, Jakarta
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