The mosque, located on Jalan Taman Sunda Kelapa, was established in the 1970s, built by architect Abbas, an architect  graduated from ITB Bandung. With different architectural and interior styles Unlike most mosques, the Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque does not have a dome, drum, star-moon and a series of symbols commonly found in a mosque. This mosque has a unique tower shaped like a boat. This is a symbol of the Sunda Kelapa Harbor, where Muslim traders traded and spread Islamic law in the past.
Occupying an area of ​​9,920 m², the Great Mosque of Sunda Kelapa is able to accommodate 4,424 worshipers. This is supported by the Main Worship Room of the Sunda Kelapa Mosque, Sakinah Hall, and Jayakarta Porch.
Other parts of the Sunda Kelapa Mosque are provided for wedding receptions. The wedding ceremony is usually in the Main Worship Room and banquets in the Sakinah Hall with complete facilities for 700 people. While for meetings, there is a room that can accommodate 60 people. And for the seminar, there is a room that can accommodate 150 people.
For those who carry out fasting Monday-Thursday, the Great Mosque of Sunda Kelapa provides free fasting followed by the implementation of recitation. The most spectacular is the I'tikaf program. This program takes the form of silence activities in the mosque in the allotted time.
Address: Jl. Taman Sunda Kelapa No.16, RT.6 / RW.4, Menteng,  Central Jakarta 
Phone: 021 31934261

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