Revitalization of Benyamin Sueb Park, DKI's Efforts to Take Care of the Memory of Betawi Legend

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Not far from Jatinegara Train Station, there is a park named after a legendary Betawi figure, namely Benjamin Sueb. The park is in an area formerly known as the former Kodim 0505 Jatinegara building.  The Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan inaugurated Benyamin Sueb Park on September 22, 2018.
The establishment of this park cannot be separated from the desire of the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of DKI to have a location as a place to explore and develop Betawi history and culture.
He enshrined the name of Benjamin Sueb (1939-1995) as the name of the park, inseparable from the actions of this he was born in Batavia. Benyamin Sueb is a native Betawi artist with various talents. He is known as an actor, comedian, director and singer who has produced dozens of music and film albums. For Betawi culture, Benyamin was instrumental in developing the traditional art of Gambang Kromong.
Inside the park, there is the museum "Benyamin Sueb" which was previously a former Kodim 0505 building with the status of a cultural preservation. The museum stores a variety of items left by the deceased Benjamin, such as cassettes, clothing that the deceased had used when performing, dozens of awards, and photographs of Benjamin Sueb from his childhood until when he had become a famous figure.