Jami Keramat Luar Batang Mosque or more popularly as Luar Batang Mosque is a historic  building located in Penjaringan, North Jakarta. In this mosque there is the tomb of a cleric named Habib Husein bin Abubakar bin Abdillah Alaydrus or better known as 'Habib Husein'. he was an Arab Hadramaut who emigrated to Java via the Sunda Kelapa Harbor in 1736.
This mosque has a long history. Built in 1756 this mosque was originally only in the form of a small mosque. Its architecture is influenced by Chinese, Indian and Arabic culture. This is inseparable from the role of North Jakarta as a port city and a haven for people from various ethnic and state backgrounds. This mosque was also inaugurated as a cultural preservation building protected by the government.
The Jami Keramat Luar Batang Mosque is often visited by pilgrims from all over the country. called Luar Batang because Habib Husein or Habib Husein Luar Batang was nicknamed this way because it was said that when Habib Husein died and was about to be buried around Tanah Abang, suddenly his body was no longer in the "stem brackets". This happened three times, so it was called Luar Batang.
Address: Jl. Luar Batang V No.10, Penjaringan, Penjaringan, North Jakarta

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