Immanuel Church

 Immanuel Church
Immanuel Church with a circular style of classicism on a three meter foundation is a church that was built on the basis of an agreement between the Reformers and the Lutherans in Batavia.
Construction began in 1834 with a J.H design. Horst on August 24, 1835, the first stone was laid. Four years later, on August 24, 1839, construction was successfully completed.
Through careful dome construction, sunlight can evenly illuminate an entire room. this building was inaugurated as a church in honor of King Willem I, king of the Netherlands in the period 1813-1840. On the church building the name WILLEMSKERK is listed.
Immanuel Gambir Church is used for worship or to enjoy the beauty of each part of this church. the beauty of the Immanuel church can be seen from the style of classicism which features a circular pattern on the porch section in the north and south which presents a concentric rondure appearance. at the top of the building giving a beautiful appearance. the round dome became the hallmark of the immanuel church adorned with ornate lotus blossoms with leaf blades. believed to be an Egyptian symbol which means the goddess of light.
Because of the beauty of the Immanuel church, many congregants of money hold weddings at this church.
Address: Jl. Medan Merdeka Team. No.10, Gambir, Central Jakarta 
Telephone: 021. 3440747

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