This mosque was inaugurated by Governor Ali Sadikin in 1987. Initially the mosque was named the Al-Jihad Mosque Foundation which was founded by '66 exponents such as Akbar Tanjung and Fahmi Idris.
The mosque is located on Jalan Cut Meutia No. 1 Central Jakarta is one of the historical heritages of the Dutch colonial era that was used as a post office, a Dutch Railroad office and the Japanese Navy's Kempetai office (1942 - 1945). After Indonesia its independence, this mosque was also  used as an office on Housing Affairs, to the Office of Religious Affairs.
This mosque has its own uniqueness and cannot be found in other mosques. One of its uniqueness, mihrab from this mosque is placed on the left side of saf salat (not in the middle as usual). In addition, the saf position is also tilted against the building of the mosque itself because the mosque building does not precisely lead to the Qibla.
Address: Jl. Cut Meutia No. 1 Central Jakarta
Phone: 021 3103941

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