Church of st. Maria De Fatimah

Church of st. Maria De Fatimah
Church of st. Maria De Fatimah established since 1850 is a unique church with a design like a building in China.
This church was the home of a Chinese citizen, until in 1950 a priest bought the house to be a church. the priest is Peter Wilhemlmus Krause Van Eeden. besides being used as a church this area is also used as a hostel and school.
Initially this church named Toesebio was later changed to Santa Maria De Fatimah. the name is taken from the story of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to three shepherd children.
At the entrance there are two statues of the lion as a symbol of the church guard and the Chinese belief says that the lion is the grandeur of nobility. This church is synonymous with the combination of red and orange which is typical of Chinese.
The Santa de Fatimah Church is protected by law and used as a cultural preserve because of its history and architecture which maintains the building style of the Fukien or southern China.
Address: Jalan Kemenangan III No.47 Tamansari,  West Jakarta

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