Amurva Bhumi Vihara

Amurva Bhumi vihara
Amurva Bumi monastery the ancient monastery with a simplistic impression with the characteristics of this ancient chinese building model has now been  transformed into an elegant monastery while still maintaining its characteristics, the pillars that used to be only red round in shape now it has become red pillars with dragon ornaments or phoenix.
Vihara located on Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio no 2 is now not only a place for praying to the Hok Tek Tjeng Sin Congco because it has been added with a new building on the left that functions as a Dhammasala (Place for spreading the Dharma), and sometimes it is also used as a room for Buddhist-style marriage blessings, or events the other.
Amurva Bhumi Karet Vihara provides free Mandarin learning programs every Sunday. This program is interfaith, so it is not limited to Buddhist or Buddhist communities, anyone can participate as long as space is available.
Address: Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio No. 2,  South Jakarta
Telephone: (021) 525 6115