TMII Stamps Museum

Inaugurated by Presiden Soeharto on 29 September 1983, Museum Perangko in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah exhibits its collection, from domestic ones to international ones. The building complex is decorated with a number of carvings and Balinese as well as Javanese style statues, and it houses 6 exhibition halls.
Exhibition hall I tell the history of postage stamps, including how news travels in the past via lontar leaves. Next, in exhibition hall II we could see how stamps are made. Exhibition hall III and IV houses a collection of stamps from 1864-1950 and 1950-1993, respectively. The stamps collection in exhibition hall V is arranged by period and theme, and lastly, exhibition hall VI displays thematic stamps collections. Delightful, isn't it? Don't forget to stop by this museum if you're visiting TMII, guys!

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