Indonesian Heirloom Museum


The heirloom museum is located in the southern lane between the Indonesian Keprajuritan Museum and the Insect Museum. The building area is 1,535 m2. Its construction began on September 1, 1992 and was inaugurated by President Soeharto on April 20, 1993. Initially, the heritage museum collection was a private collection of Mas Agung, then it was donated by Dra. Hj. Sri Lestari Mas Agung to Hj. Siti Hartinah Soeharto as chairman of the Kita Foundation.
After adding to the purchase, the Heirloom Museum has the most complete collection of traditional weapons, representing 26 provinces in Indonesia. Heritage museum was built with the aim of preserving, caring for, collecting, and informing cultural objects in the form of traditional weapons to the next generation so that they feel proud of their nation and can be used for those who want to conduct research studies on weapons.
The museum has several spaces as a means and support for a museum, namely exhibition space, information room, management room, meeting room, library room, conservation room, preservation room, stock exchange room and souvenir room. In addition to displaying collections in the form of weapons from all over the archipelago, the exhibition room also informs various things about the heirlooms, the ornamental variety of the temple, various heirlooms unique to the regions, heirlooms from time to time, and heirlooms of findings. The types of wood to make heirlooms and besalen spaces (the work place of the master craftsman of the keris) and the equipment complete the exhibition.

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