Disparbud Promotes Sanggar Betawi as a Jakarta Tourist Attraction
The Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office provides promotional media for studios localy known as Sanggar in Jakarta. This step aims to advance native Betawi art by providing a web page that can be accessed through
Head of Sub Dept Jakarta Art and Culture Disparbud, Gumilar Ekalaya, said that the provision of web pages for art galleries in Jakarta is a form of support for Disparbud in attracting tourists to visit Betawi native arts centers that are still preserved and maintained in each studio.
Through this program, he continued, Disparbud Jakarta can classify the types of arts, the distribution of studios based on regions, and the facilities and infrastructure owned by the studio.
"Through a clear mapping, Disparbud Jakarta will be easy in guiding and empowering all studios in Jakarta. So it will be easier to find out the number of studios in Jakarta, how many percentage of Betawi, Sundanese or Central Java studios," he concluded. Okto Rizki Alpino