City Center

Starting point : National Museum
Ending point  : Jakarta’s Cathedral
Duration  : 2-3 hours
Distance  : 2.25kms
Points of interest:
1. National Museum of Indonesia
One of Indonesia’s main museums with more than 140.000 collections. The elephant statue on the frontyard of the museum is a gift from King of Thailand (Siam), King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, when he visited Jakarta (Batavia then) in 1871.
2. Constitutional Court of Indonesia.
Indonesia’s judicial institution with the Supreme Court. Nine pillars supporting the main building represent nine judges leading the Constitutional Court.
3. Taman Pandang Istana (Palace View Park)
The strategic corner to do a protest towards the government. This corner has ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’ or ‘Unity in Diversity’ as its theme, hence the “Ragam Insan” art installation literally means “Variety of Human Beings”; Stones that shaped Berbeda Tapi Satu (Different but United) from atop; “A Country with a Thousand Faces” painting, also inspiring quotes from Indonesian prominent figures. 
4. National Monument
Jakarta’s most iconic monument also the symbol of Indonesians’ spirit that never dies. It is 132 meters tall and opened in 1975. The shape was inspired by lingga and yoni commonly found in Hindu temples. It is standing right at the center of Merdeka Square, the biggest park in Jakarta.
5. Istana Merdeka (Merdeka Palace)
One of Indonesia’s presidential palaces built in the 19th century. Originally, it was named “Koningsplein Paleis” but after the recognition of independence by the kingdom of the Netherlands on December 27th 1949 and crowd shouted “merdeka” or independent in English, the first president, Bung Karno, changed its name to “Istana Merdeka”.
6. Indonesia’s Supreme Court
Mahkamah Agung (MA) is Indonesia’s highest court that sits above general courts, military courts, religious courts, and administrative courts. The statue in front of the building is the first chairman of the Supreme Court: Prof. Dr. Mr. Kusumah Atmaja appointed by Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno, 4 days after the proclamation of Independence in 1945.
7. Ragusa Ice Cream
One of Jakarta’s legendary ice cream opened started in 1932.  Ragusa is the Italian family’s name who started the business. One of the most popular flavors is nougat among other tasty ones.
8. Istiqlal Mosque
Inagurated in 1978 by Indonesia’s second president, Suharto, the idea of building a great mosque originally came from the first president, Sukarno. Istiqlal means independence, as a gratitude of Indonesia’s independence in 1945. Its capacity is 200.000 qorshippers making it the biggest mosque in South East Asia.
9. Jakarta’s Cathedral
The official name of this Catholic church is Santa Maria Diangkat ke Surga or The Assumption of Mary into Heaven, however, this church is more known as Jakarta’s Cathedral. The building finished in 1901 with 3 spires: David Fort Tower, Ivory Tower, and Angelus Dei Tower at the center of the church. On the main gate, you can find a latin phrase “Beatam Me Dicentes Omnes Generationes” which means “All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed.”