Batavia Zuid Station
Around the 1880s, a train station named Batavia Zuid or South Batavia was built. This station didn't last too long, however. In 1926 the station was closed for a big renovation project. The new station, completed in 1929, results in Stasiun Jakarta Kota, which building is still standing even now.
The station, Indonesia's largest, was inaugurated by A. C. D. de Graeff, then Governor-General of Dutch East Indies. Stasiun Jakarta Kota is also known as Stasiun Beos, from Bataviasche Ooster Spoorweg Maatschappij (Batavian Eastern Railway Company), but some said Beos came from Batavia En Omstreken, or Batavia and surrounding areas. Its rich history made Stasiun Jakarta Kota appointed as a historical and cultural landmark via a Governor mandate in 1993. Let's take care of our historical landmark!