Simplifying Application for Cultural Heritage Recommendations, DKI Launches Online Based Application
The Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office launched a web-based application for the service of technical recommendations for the restoration of cultural heritage.
The application can be accessed directly on the Jakarta Disparbud page, and the recommendation process can run quickly compared to manually.
"The application that we will launch is to facilitate the applicant to propose restoration of cultural heritage," said Head of Jakarta Disparbud Cultural Heritage Conservation Center Linda Enriany, Tuesday (09/17/2019).
Based on the Governor's Decree number 475 of 1993 concerning the Establishment of the historic Building of Jakarta, there are two standard operational procedures (SOP) applied, namely the first relating to the restoration of cultural heritage, and the second relating to the restoration area.
The recommendation process for the restoration of cultural heritage will last for 26 days, with a maximum of four sessions.
The length of the recommendation process is related to handling that needs in-depth examination.
As for the recommendation process for buildings in the restoration area, the procedure determined is that the trial will take place twice in a span of 12 days.
During the session,  The Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud) will give a decision to provide recommendations.
Compared to submitting recommendations manually, launching this application can make it easier for applicants to propose restoration of cultural heritage.
It's just that the process of implementing the renovation remains the same. Only makes access to requests easier.
"We made this change the first time, the first technological service was carried out in the conservation of cultural heritage, usually manually now it can be online," he said.
On the other hand, said Linda, in carrying out the restoration of cultural heritage in Jakarta it also plans to conduct a comparative study to the cultural heritage of Malacca City, Malaysia.
The reason the city was used as the location of a comparative study in addition to reviewing the cultural heritage buildings that were restored, also studied building management from local government policy.
"Mainly Melaka, we see he is a potential tourism esteem in terms of historical tourism. So, we need to see them develop their cultural heritage so that it becomes an attractive area," he said.

 Author: Joko Supriyanto | Editor: Ika Chandra Viyatakarti |