See the Beauty of Seribu Islands Through the 2019 Jakarta Maritime Festival
The  Jakarta Province's Department of Food, Maritime and Agricultural Affairs (KPKP) once again held the 2019 Jakarta Maritime Festival on September 21-22 to coincide in the seribu Islands. This activity will later involve as many as 500 participants. The festival which will be held for two days will be filled with a variety of events ranging from the Underwater Photo Competition, Coastal Culture Photo Competition, Swimming Competition, and Decorative Boat Exhibition.
Then there are also Clean Beach Contest, Fish Market Cultural Heritage, and Bina Cinta Laut which invites young generation participants. At the Bina Cinta Laut event, participants will be invited to carry out coral transplants and mangrove planting with the aim that young people love the Indonesian maritime world, improve the profession of fishermen, and socialize the community so as not to litter.
One of the interesting activities is the ornamental boat competition. Later, professional judges will judge the most creative and luxurious boat. This activity will start at 8.30 WIB.
The winners of the ornamental boat will also be given attractive prizes, will be given a prize of IDR 5 million, while the most environmentally friendly ornamental boat will be given a prize of IDR 5 million, Champion of Hope 1 will be given a prize of IDR 4 million, Champion of Hope 2 will get IDR 3.5 million , and Hope Champion 3 will be given a prize of Rp. 3 million.
Reporting from various sources (3/9/3019) for the swimming competition, participants who took part in the competition will test their expertise in swimming starting from under the Cinta Bridge on Tidung Island as far as 750 meters back and forth. But before swimming, participants will run from the tip of Tidung Island.
Deputy Regent of the Seribu Islands Administrative District Junaedi said, the Jakarta Maritime Festival was last held in 2016 in North Jakarta and the Seribu Islands. "This activity is good for raising tourism again on the Seribu Islands. Moreover, Seribu Islands have also been assigned 10 New Bali Destinations, "said Junaedi.
Meanwhile, representatives from the Head of the Department of Food Security, Maritime Affairs and Agriculture (KPKP) Yuni, said there are a lot of interesting photo spots in the Seribu Islands, especially under the sea, so tourists must dive first to see them.