Museum Kebangkitan Nasional

Museum Kebangkitan Nasional stands on a building complex from the colonial era that once served as a place for medical education, STOVIA (School Tot Oplending Van Inlands Astsen). The collection held in Museum Kebangkitan Nasional includes items with historical values in the form of photographs, replicas, painting, dioramas, models, and war items related to the history of Indonesian struggles.
Before being used as a history museum, this building had been used for various purposes, like a school, a place to hold ex-Netherlands soldiers, and a place for Ambonese to stay. Because of its high historical value, this building was renovated it 1973 and inaugurated the next year as "Gedung Kebangkitan Nasional". Have you visited this museum? If you haven't, let's go here and visit!

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