Getting to Know Jakarta Through Drama, Colossal Fatahillah
Jakarta - So far we often hear or see the Fatahillah Museum in the Old City area, West Jakarta. But maybe many do not know Fatahillah, a figure who is very meritorious for Jakarta, especially the younger generation.
For this reason, the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office will hold a Fatahillah Historical Value Tradition Performance. The event, which was held on Sunday, September 8, 2019, is located in the Old Town "Plaza Fatahillah", West Jakarta. This event was held in the context of preservation of regional cultural arts and the development of promotions and information about national cultural values.
"The Fatahillah Historical Tradition Value Performance is held in the context of preserving regional cultural arts and developing promotion and information about national cultural values. Specifically customs, food, and ceremonial procedures for Betawi people to the wider community," said Edy Junaedi, Head of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office.
The highlight of the Fatahillah Historical Tradition Value Performance will be filled with traditional colossal drama performances about the history of the origin of the Portuguese arrival to Batavia. Tells about the journey of the prince Fatahillah against the invaders in Batavia and its role in the struggle for independence of the Republic of Indonesia.
This colossal drama played by more than 150 people presents several special actors and figures. Among them, Fatahillah was played by actor Umar Lubis, Sunan Gunung Jati by Oding Siregar, and S.Trenggono played by Alvian.
In addition there will be involvement of DKI Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan and Head of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office, Junaedi as guest stars, acting as Kyai Anies and Kyai Junaedi.
During the performance under the direction of Teguh Harie Santoso, it was packed with a mixture of Betawi Culture and other ritual ceremonies so that it had historical value in the Betawi social life.
"This activity is uniquely and attractively packaged, and contains educational elements so that it is expected to be an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. That way you can get to know more about the history of Jakarta and Fatahillah itself," said Edy.
Besides being opened to the public, the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office specifically invited guests from the embassy and other international communities to introduce Jakarta to all its cultural and historical riches.
"Fatahillah's struggle is part of the nation's history of achieving independence. This colossal drama performance was made as historical literacy library material through the performing arts," Edy explained.
In its implementation, this activity involves the potential of Betawi artists and community leaders. In addition to the colossal drama, the event which started at 9 am was filled with various activities ranging from Betawi culinary tasting, mass gymnastics, gambus music performances, Betawi lenong, Betawi street fashion, mass martial arts, and Keroncong Senja performances in the Old City.
Reporter : Faizal Fanani |