Andalas Theater (SD Angkasa 12) Will Join the Children's Theater Festival
Jakarta, - Children's Theater Festival (FTA), this festival is to foster theater groups in the range of two main aspects, namely: quantitative aspects and qualitative aspects, the hope of this festival can stimulate changes in children's character for the better.
The purpose of holding this activity is as a media for expression of theater groups, especially children's theater, in increasing activities and creativity in the arts of theater in the provinces of  Jakarta and Bogor Tangerang Bekasi.
The purpose of this activity is to foster a sense of love for the community, especially the younger generation of Indonesian cultural arts, especially theater arts.
Increasing the effectiveness of theater arts as a media for fostering and developing children's mental and character, Developing the ability of theater-based groups in the context of fostering dynamic and creative arts and culture, and Increasing theater group groups in achieving achievements.
The Children's Theater Festival (FTA) is organized by the Jakarta Theater Institute (LTJ) in collaboration with the Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture Office.
The form of the activity is a race, as the main activity. Discussions, exhibitions and fairs as supporting activities
Registration is carried out on July 23 through September 14, 2019, Monday to Friday, from 01.00 p.m to 05:00 p.m at the Planet Senen Youth Center, JL. Senen Station No.1 Central Jakarta
Whereas the Technical Meeting on Friday, September 20, from 2:00 p.m. to finish, took place at Planet Senen Youth Center, JL. Senen Station No.1 Jakarta Pusat
The implementation of this activity was on 8 to 13 October 2019, from 09.00  a.mto finish at the Little Theater Taman Ismail Marzuki, JL. Cikini Raya No.73 Central Jakarta
Participants are groups / studios / communities / schools that are domiciled in  Jakarta and Bogor Tangerang bekasi.
Participants are groups that have met the requirements of the Jakarta Theater Festival (FTA).
The winning categories are:
The best group I
The best group II
The best group III
The best director
The best actor
The best actress
The best artistic stylist
The best music composer
The best script
Participants will receive prizes, coaching money, trophies and certificates.
Overview of the Andalas Theater
Andalas is an abbreviation of Angkasa 12 Halim Perdana Kusuma, in his creative journey Andalas has several times participated in creative activities and character building, especially in the area of ​​acting in events outside the school.
Among others are :
SANAK (Children's Theater) in 2017 organized by the Indonesian Children's Creativity Institute Sepanggung House which concentrates in cultural arts, especially among Indonesian children who collaborate with the Bengkulu Regional Pavilion, and Andalas received awards in the categories:
The best gifted boy
Nominated talented girl
The best group nominee
Nominated for the best director.
The Children's Theater Festival (FTA) 2018 organized by the Jakarta Theater Institute in collaboration with the Jakarta Provincial Tourism and Culture Office. And Andalas won awards, categories:
Nominated for the best male lead
Nominated for the best male supporting cast
Nominate the best original manuscripts
The nominations of the best groups I, II, III
With this potential, Andalas has been recorded in several quality children's creativity activities in the Jakarta area.
Prospective Participants in the Children's Theater Festival (FTA) 2019
AMG Studio
Nurul Yaqin
Theater Site
Lantern Theater
Children's Theater
Mentoz Theater
Sakura Theater
Tusif Theater
Theater SDIT Al Mubarak
Gakatesa Theater
Camp Theater
Stables Theater
Literary Forces 78
Pelangi Theater
Rasar Theater 01
Citra Negara Theater
Karat Studio
Theater 24 East Jakarta
Labschool Theater
Gempar Theater
Children's KPS
Al Fatih Laskar Theater
Literature 5
Sapu Lidi Theater
Huma Rumil
Prayer Rugs Children's Theater
Andalas Creative Team ie
Supervision: Joe Mirshal, Aam Nurdiana, S. Pd
Director: Agung Hardono
Assistant Director: Jude-s
Artistic Director: Poerwanto
Stylist: Wahyudi / Gesta lee
Music Director: Dili Dhenz / Agung Hardono
Production Lead: Tiya
Stage Manager: Winarti, S. Pd
PR: Tika Rezki, S. Pd
Publication: Mbeng Rumah Sepanggung
Let's watch the performance of the Andalas Theater on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, o'clock. 4:00 p.m., at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. (AW)
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