Various Communities Gather in Ancol
JAKARTA - A number of communities attended the Djakarta 2019 Hobbies N Sport Exhibition at Bende Ancol Field, North Jakarta, starting August 23-25, 2019. The event was held by the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud).
This activity will be enlivened by approximately 38 communities. In this activity sports and hobbies will be contested such as, skateboarding, BMX, Inline Skate, tamiya, lego, concave, archery or archery, wakeboard, and drone race.
"The activity will be filled with various competitions with a total prize of Rp. 200 million," said Head of Jakarta Disparbud, Edy Junaedi in Jakarta, Tuesday (8/20).
He continued, this event became interesting because multi-community hobbies and sports in Jakarta mingled in one activity. Competitions or competitions and exhibitions of various communities became the main agenda in this 2019 Djakarta Hobbies N Sport Exhibition.
"This is the inaugural event of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud). Ancol was chosen because we need a large place or capacity to accommodate all participants," he said as quoted by beritajakarta.
Edy explained, the 2019 Djakarta Hobbies N Sport Exhibition aims to introduce special interest destinations to the public. This means that community-based hobbies and sports can also be used as alternative destinations besides tourist attractions and entertainment.
"This activity is not just ceremonial, but the community can move and promote their existence," explained Kadisparbud.
Meanwhile, Head of  Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud) Destination and Marketing Division, Hari Wibowo, said that participants of the competition / competition were not charged the registration fee or free.
"This is a forum for them to channel their hobbies and abilities. In the long run, this will be an annual event, a party for communities in Jakarta," he said.
He added, in addition to boosting the number of tourist visits to Jakarta, this activity also became a venue for friendship and expanding the network and community relations with one another.
"Activities will also be enlivened by various attractions or exhibitions, market places, culinary, and entertainment. We are targeting three thousand visitors every day," Hari said. (Leo Wisnu Susapto)