This is the reason the XXI TIM Cinema was evicted - Starting Monday 19 August 2019, the XXI Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) cinema officially does not operate for ever. Apparently this decision is related to the TIM region revitalization program by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.
Acting Head of the  Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture Office, Asiantoro, said that the revitalization project will displace several buildings such as the cinema to be restored as a center for art activities.
"Indeed, in the past there was no cinema either, so it was returned to function, still running for the arts," Asiantoro said in the TIM area, Jalan Cikini Raya, Central Jakarta, some time ago.
Asiantoro explained that the land that was originally used for the cinema would be transferred to a long building. The building will become a center for arts and cultural activities.
"Later (HB Literature Center) HB Jassin, there will be studios for practice, underneath there will be a basement," he said.
However, Asiantoro said the eviction of the XXI cinema should not be a problem. "He (the manager of the XXI cinema) as a tenant, the TIM is ours, why is it a problem, there is no problem," he added.
According to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's PPID website, TIM Revitalization Architect Andra Matin said the new design would later restore the basic concept when it was first built in 1968.
At that time, the TIM was built with the concept of a building that was very inclusive, open and friendly. "At that time, there were no boundaries between artists and artists, artists with the community, young artists and older artists. "That was conducive at the time," Andra said.
He explained that there would be several buildings that were removed or changed in function. For example, parking lots that will be converted into parks and movie theaters will be removed.
The TIM revitalization project will be undertaken by PT Jakarta Propertindo. The cost of revitalization is estimated at Rp 1.8 trillion.