The number of foreign tourists in Jakarta surged 21.72 percent, China and Saudi Arabia the most

Name soared-2172-persen-tion Cina-dan-saudi-arabia-terbanyak.
Author: Desy Selviany
Editor: Dian Anditya Mutiara
The number of foreign tourists in Jakarta jumped 21.72 percent in the June 2019 period.
Foreigners of China and Saudi Arabia became the most tourists during the past month.
Answering a number of questions that came in regarding tourist visits, the following explanation can we convey:
Based on official information received by Monday (05/08/2019) foreign tourist visits to Jakarta through two entrances during June 2019 reached 191,550 visits.
That number shows an increase of 21.72 percent when compared with May 2019 which reached 157,367 visits.
"When compared with the same month the previous year (y on y) also experienced an increase of 4.70% where the number of foreign tourists visiting Jakarta in June 2018 was 182,943 visits," said the Head of the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office Edy Junaedi.
So if the cumulative total visits of tourists to Jakarta in the first semester from January to June 2019 reached 1,138,059 visits.
The 5 most countries that visited Jakarta during June 2019 were in Tingkok with 27,189 visits.
Followed by Saudi Arabia with 23,294 visits and then Malaysia with 14,620 visits, Japan with 14,445 visits and Singapore with 12,756 visits.
The increase in foreign tourists' visits also had a positive impact on hotel revenues in Jakarta.
"In June 2019 the occupancy rate of starred hotel rooms will reach 50.51%," Edy said.
Whereas the average length of stay of foreign guests at star-rated hotels in June 2019 was 2.96 days with an average length of stay of 3.17 days.
Edy ensured that the  Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office is committed to continue increasing the number of tourist visits.
This can be seen with innovations to attract tourists to visit Jakarta, such as the opening of the Kopikan Museum in the backyard of the Jakarta History Museum recently.
In addition, said Edy, an increase in the number of visits by tourists will not make Disparbud complacent.
"The number of visitors, hotel occupancy rates and length of stay of tourists will continue to be improved. Several ways are taken by adding attractions for tourists in tourist destinations, "said Edy.