The DKI Tourism Office will hold 12 types of Community Competitions at Ancol Bende Beach
JAKARTA - The DKI Jakarta Tourism Office held 12 types of community-based hobby competitions in Bende Ancol Beach on August 23-25, 2019. At the event three foreign participants will be presented as "Guest Stars".
Hobby communities that will participate in the competition are land communities including skateboards, Inline Skates, Boomerang, Tamiya, Mini Motors, Lego, Parkour, Archery or archery, Zumba and others.
Water communities include Wakeboard, Flyboard, Jetsky and Sea Kayak. As for the air community, the Drone community is competed.
To be more interesting, the provincial government invited international skateboard experts. They are Sataporn Siriang from Thailand who are experts on the flyboard or Flyboard, Carlo De Torre Wakeboard expert from the Philippines and Jhondi Wallace Wakeboard game expert.
Head of Destination and Marketing Division of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office Hari Wibowo said that with this event it was hoped that it would further enhance the role of Jakarta tourism as a mainstay tourist destination in Jakarta.
He said with that agenda too, the hobby community would be more eager to hone their skills.
Abimayu, from the archery community said there were 75 archery communities in Jakarta. "Welcome the event," he said.
According to Abimayu, this community-based hobby competition will be fun, not a matter of prizes. "With this, it is hoped that it will further arouse the spirit of archery communities in the country." (John / tri)