Historical Museum Holds Proclamation Commemoration, Soekarno's Presidential Car Will Take Part
Author: Vincentius Jyestha Candraditya
Editor: Johnson Simanjuntak
TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Ahead of the 74th Indonesian Independence Day celebration, the Provincial Government of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office  (Disparbud) presents a number of performances for the people of the Capital City.
One of the performances that are worth waiting for is the one held by the Historical Museum on 15 August 2019.
Head of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office  (Disparbud), Edy Junaedi, said the Historical Museum presents a footage of the proclamation.
"On August 15, 2019, the group recited the proclamation to visit the Soekarno and Hatta Exile Museum in Rengasdengklok," Edy said, in his statement, Saturday (10/8/2019).
A day later, a long march will be held with the route from Joang 45 Museum - Museum of the Formulation of the Proclamation - Proclamation Monument.
Edy said that the long march event will be followed by history and community teachers.
The unique thing is that in the long march, the first presidential official vehicle was used by President Soekarno.
Although the car is already around 80 years old and so far it has only been displayed at the Joang 45 Museum, Edy stressed that the vehicle was still able to participate in the long march.
Because the museum continues to conduct periodic maintenance on the American output vehicle. "Sukarno's presidential car took part in a journey to walk back and forth. The car on display at the Joang 45 Museum," he said.