Government City Tourism and Culture Office Holds Betawi Culinary Festival
JAKARTA - Preserving traditional Betawi food, the Jakarta Pavilion of the Tourism and Culture Office held a Betawi culinary festival, Sunday (08/18/2019). Hundreds of participants consisting of 34 sub-districts showed their skill in presenting foods that are now hard to find.
The head of the TMII Pavilion and Graha Tourism Unit, Fadlan Zuhran, said that the activity held so that Betawi food continues to be known to the community. Therefore, the participants who are the Empowerment and Family Welfare Mover Team (TPPKK) are asked to display various creations. "And for this time there are 34 participants from all districts in DKI including the Thousand Islands," he said.
According to him, in the activity, PKK officials deliberately served Betawi special food which is currently difficult to find. So, people will miss and continue to look for the food they taste.
"Therefore, we hope that the products and food available can be more recognized by the public," he said.
In addition to introducing more Betawi special food, continued Diah, it is hoped that this activity can increase the income of residents. Because this potential can develop the economy of citizens who will be involved in every activity.
"Especially in East Jakarta there are several locations that will become tourist destinations, one of which is the Setu reservoir," he said.
Meanwhile, the Head of the TMII Pavilion and Tourism Graha Office, Fadlan Zuhran added, the Betawi culinary festival which was held in addition to being a promotional event, was also a gathering event. "The main thing is the participants, so you can compete and stay close friends. Moreover, the participants themselves came from 34 districts in DKI and the Thousand Islands, "he explained.
Fadlan added, the activity was a yearly event that was routinely held by the Tourism and Culture Office UPT. He also hopes for greater support because the demand is increasing every year. "Therefore we hope that in the future the festival will be even more lively and even better," he concluded. (ifand)