DKI Dancers Champion General Nusantara Dance Parade
JAKARTA - Dancers from the Jakarta pavilion's booth became the overall champion at the Nusantara dance parade at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Sunday (11/08/2019). Featuring a dance with the theme of the champion of the syahbandar, they recounted the bustle that occurred at Sunda Kelapa Harbor.
The head of the TMII Pavilion and Graha Tourism Unit, Fadlan Zuhran said, the best achievement was obtained thanks to the hard work of all the teams in the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office.
"We are grateful for the maximum achievement obtained in the archipelago dance parade in 2019, this is the highest achievement," he said, Sunday (11/8/2019).
Fadlan added, in that event, in addition to winning the overall championship, his party also won six other trophies. Namely the best dance stylist, the best presenter, the best music, the best behavior regulator, the best fashion and the best scenario.
"Indeed, the story in the ballet presented tells the life in the Sunda coconut port, but it is presented with a variety of good ornaments," he said.
TMII President Director, Tanribali Lamo explained, the national dance parade is a routine activity that is held every year. This time is the 38th event.
"This is a place for joint performances from various provinces in the creation and presentation of Nusantara dance," he said.
Tanribali continued, through this activity, an evaluation of the creativity of dance art and at the same time promoting regional dance. Because in addition to spurring dancers from 32 competing regions, it is also to provide knowledge about local wisdom from the existing cultural potential.
"TMII as a cultural preserver continues to support the government's efforts in the preservation and development of regional dance," he added. (ifand / ys)