Decorative Lighting Festival Turns Monas On at Night
Reporter: Angghi Novita
Editor: Bernadetta Febriana
Jakarta, - To commemorate the 74th Indonesian Independence Day, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta through the Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture Office presents the Festival of Light in the South Park area, and the West Park National Monument (Monas) , Central Jakarta.
The festival is open to the public from August 14-23, 2019. Visitors who come can enjoy a variety of beauty lighting installations in this festival for free.
This decorative lighting festival presents dozens of interesting lighting installations. These lamp installations include the figure of Prince Jayakarta, General Sudirman, the shape of ships, eagles, flowers, to miniature Houses of the Proclamation which are complete with the figures of Ir Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta while reading the manuscript of the Proclamation of Independence.
The red and white decorative lights tunnel is also a beauty in this festival, thus attracting many visitors to take a photo.
There are also light shows with musical accompaniment at this festival, which starts at 18:30-22.00 WIB.
One of the visitors from Tangerang City, Ari (35) deliberately brought a group of his family to enjoy this decorative lighting festival. "Rarely are there moments like this, while monas there is a decorative lighting festival, I invite my wife and two children," he told, Sunday night (18/8).
Not only Ari, another visitor named Fenia Agusta (19) from Jakarta also appreciated the existence of this festival. According to him, this decorative lighting festival can be an alternative recreation for the people of Indonesia, especially citizens of DKI Jakarta. "Exciting anyway, can cheap holidays, can also take photos here, especially good decoration of the lights," he explained.
According to DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor for Industry, Trade and Transportation, Sutanto Suhodo as part of the organizers, the festival was deliberately held at Monas to increase the attractiveness of visitors at night.
"Without all this there are already many visitors, but more in the afternoon. I also often see foreign tourists around Monas, but during the day," Sutanto said at a press conference at Monas, Wednesday night (8/14) ).
With the holding of the exhibition of lights, the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of DKI Jakarta hopes that the public can appreciate the city parks around the Monas area. In addition, there is a growing interest in repeating visits to other art events.