2019 Pappri Children's Song Writing Contest and DKI Jakarta Provincial Disparbud
Editor: FX Ismanto

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - May be Pappri (Association of Singer Artists Songwriters and Musicians of the Republic of Indonesia) Greater Jakarta is one of the DPD's most active in organizing events for children, both those that are Singing and Song Writing Contests.
This is evidenced by the many events that they held some time ago, including; children's song competition held at Blok M Plazab, South Jakarta, then the Children's Song Writing Contest at the KBN Cilincing Ballroom, North Jakarta, and the Magpie Children's Song competition held at the Cultural Arts Training Center in the Asem Baris area, South Jakarta, and this time Pappri DKI Jakarta In collaboration with the Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture Office holds a 2019 Children's Song Creation Contest.
In the top event that was held on Thursday, August 15, 2019, at the Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) Small Theater, the Pappri DKI Jakarta collaborated with the Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture Office (DKI Jakarta Disparbud).
To the reporters, the Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta Pappri DPD Maxie Mamiri accompanied by Roro Rachmawati as Treasurer explained that this time the competition was divided into 2 categories, namely the PAUD category and the SD category. Of the two categories, each of the top 10 will be chosen.
"For the 2019 Children's Song Creation Contest, we divided it into 2 categories, namely the PAUD category and the SD category. From the two categories, we will take each of the top 10. In addition to receiving prizes and certificates, the winner will be made a top 10 compilation album, "explained Maxie Mamiri when met at TIM Jakarta, on Thursday, 15/09/19.
In fact, children's songs lately seemed to sink from the frenetic world of Indonesian music. This fact is not only a concern of musicians and music industry players, but also a concern of all parties.
On this occasion the Chairperson of the Greater Jakarta Pappri Superintendent, Brigadier General TNI Drs. Akhmad Tamim, M.Sc. expressing concern,
"Frankly, I'm concerned about the condition of our children today, they sing a lot of adult songs, the lyrics are not right for his age. Even far from educating, so when DKI Jakarta PAPPRI intends to hold a Children Song Creation Contest, I immediately respond and provide support, "explained the one-star General.
Furthermore Tamim added "In the past we had children's idols, for example there was Adi Bing Slamet, Chicha Koeswoyo, Ira Maya Sopha, and Dina Mariana. Then the next generation is Bondan Prakoso, Tasya Camila, Eno Lerian Joshua, Melisa Tina Toon and others. Now that no more child singers have emerged who have become children's idols. Hopefully, through this event, new singers and new songs that will educate will emerge and can become an idol for children, "added Tamim.
Meanwhile the head of theJakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture Office Edy Junaedi in his remarks read by the Head of Culture of Gumilar Ekalaya also expressed the same concern.
"The conditions that have occurred lately are children's songs like drowning, being defeated by adult songs, so children sing adult songs. Indonesian children do not accept their right to be entertained properly with songs that are appropriate to their age, so they grow up before their time, "explained Edy.
Then Edy added; "Based on the facts as I stated above, in 2019 the DKI Jakarta Disparbud held a Children's Song Creation Contest, by cooperating with Pappri DKI Jakarta as the executor," explained Edy further.
Award to the Legend of Children's Song Creator
In addition to organizing the Children's Song Creation Contest, DKI Jakarta Pappri and the DKI Jakarta Disparbud Province also appreciated and gave awards to two children's songwriters who until now have consistently created children's songs, namely Papa T Bob and Mamo Agil.
As we know so far Papa T Bob has presented hits such as; 'Diobok-Obok (Joshua),' Kissed Mama Kissed Papa '(Three Sweet Children, Bolo-Bolo (Tina Toon), The Dolphins (Bondan Prakosa), He said (Trio Dewey Dewey), Du Di Dam (Enno Lerian) and others.
While Mamo Agil also has hits works, including; 'Da Da Da' (Icha), 'My Doll' (Inge), 'Learning' (3 Cute Boys), 'Lebaran' (delia) 'Teleprint' (Bella) and others.
Following are the winners of the 2019 Copyright Song Contest from both categories.
PAUD category
1. All Dear (Pulung Suhardi) 2. This Is, (Febry N) 3. Bentol Scratched (Marcellino Zefanya) 4. Star (Agus Ariwijaya), 5. Let's Count (Cristopher Setiawan), 6. Counting (Raden Farah Farizky) , 7. Going to School (Aline Yosedasari), 8. Duck Quack-quack (Esti Dwirusdiani), 9. Old Town (Hugo Gosseling), 10. Voice of the Star (Sisco Batara).
SD category
1. The Saka Merah Putih (Adrianus), 2. Little Heaven (Fredy / Michael Tahendung), 3. Ok Ok Yes (Ismail Wahab), 4. Beautiful Day (Dadang S Manaf), 5. Mama Papa (Jerau Ilham) , 6. Betawi Children (Rino Nurul Munir), 7. Mighty Birds (Herry Ch), 8. Millennial Children (Dwi Yanti Febriani), 9. Love for Mother (Ratna Koin / Oktav Sugest, 10. My country dance (Dadang S Manaf).