Thousand Islands Campaign for Using Drinking Bottles
Red: Ratna Puspita
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - The Thousand Islands Government in DKI Jakarta is campaigning for the use of drinking tumbler bottles to reduce plastic waste. This campaign is because plastic waste pollutes tourist destinations in this region.
"This campaign is indeed not massive, still limited to internal government," said Head of the Thousand Islands Tourism and Culture Office, Cucu Ahmad Kurnia, when contacted, in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/7).
Appeal in the form of banners and stickers to invite tourists to protect the environment on every corner of the island, especially the pier. "The bad rubbish is not from tourists, but shipments from land. For the current campaign, there are only banners on the dock," he said.
The use of tumbler, he said, is expected to drive people's awareness to reduce the use of disposable bottled drinking water. This will have a positive impact on improving the environment and increasing tourist attraction.
"The regent's concentration on sanitation issues on the island, including this rubbish, is the most important. We are trying to add a garbage disposal bin in many places, adding cleaning services to tumbler campaigns," he said.
The central government has previously designated the Thousand Islands as one of the 10 National Tourism Strategic Areas (KSPN) or 'New Bali', thus making the region more attractive to tourists. The problem of plastic waste that pollutes the waters of the Thousand Islands has brought serious problems to the local tourism industry. Not to mention the question of microplastic waste from rubbish that also adversely affects the marine ecosystem.