Sebira Island Residents Join Homestay Management Training
Reporter: Suparni | Editor: F. Ekodhanto Purba |
To improve their skills and expertise, as many as 40 Sebira Island residents, Pulau Harapan Village, North Thousand Islands attended homestay management training held at RPTRA Jaga Utara.
Head of Sub-Division of Administration (Head of Sub-Section of TU) of the Thousand Islands Department of Tourism and Culture (Sudbud), Neneng Roaneni, said the training was held for two days from Wednesday (3/7) to Thursday (4/7). "We want to improve quality "the management of tourism destinations and business actors," said Neneng, Thursday (4/7).
Residents are trained in the procedures for receiving guests, welcomed well according to Sapta Pesona and excellent service and direct practices such as how to tidy up the rooms and maintain the cleanliness of the homestay. "We predict that in the near future Sebira Island will become one of the new destinations in the Thousand Islands as access to transportation becomes easier," he said.
Meanwhile, Pulau Harapan Village Head Adi Apandi added that he was grateful for the efforts of the Department of Education and Culture to provide training to its citizens.
"We really have to prepare the quality of both human resources and natural resources to welcome tourists who will come to Sebira Island," he said.