Maintaining Tradition Art Through Archipelago Student Art Ambassadors 2019, Jakarta - Regional arts are often regarded as less attractive activities, especially for students. At present the young generation of the nation is more interested in technological advancements.
It cannot be denied that this era of globalization had an impact on the interest of teenagers in regional arts. To maintain the preservation of regional arts, the Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture Office organizes Nusantara Student Art Ambassador (DSPN) activities in 2019
DSPN was first held in Bali in 2000, an agreement between the Java-Bali province in maintaining traditional arts among teenagers.
This activity aims to gather high school and equivalent students from every province who have certain talents in the arts, especially Indonesian traditional arts.
Through this event, it is hoped that every student present can become an art ambassador for students who can continue to preserve Indonesian original art in order to strengthen the identity of the Indonesian nation and this is a manifestation of a generation that loves the homeland and nation.
"We hope that through this activity the students who are the spearhead of the nation will take care of, preserve and love traditional arts in their respective provinces so that this art will continue to be of interest to teenagers," said Eddy Junaedi as Head of  Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture Office.
The activities of the archipelago student art ambassadors will be attended by six provinces namely, Lampung, DKI Jakarta, DIY Yogyakarta, Central Java, East Java and Banten. This event will take place from 25-28 July 2019.
This event provides an opportunity for participants to establish friendships with other students through artistic means.
The DSPN 2019 participants will participate in a series of activities, one of which is visiting historic sites in Jakarta such as the National Monument (Monas) and Tugu Proclamation, as well as trying out the new MRT transportation modes.
In addition, of course each province will display its skills. For more information, please see the 2019 Student Art Ambassador official website.
After the event was completed, the delegates were expected to no longer carry only provincial titles, but to bring identity as one Indonesian child and in accordance with Pancasila.