Jakarta Museum Marathon 2019 Is Ready To Be Held, In Cooperation With A Number Of Artists
Abdul Rahman Syaukani
TABLOIDBINTANG.COM - With the aim of promoting the museum in the Capital City, the Jakarta Museum Marathon 2019 is ready to be held. The plan for the event will be held for 2 consecutive days, namely 3 to 4 August 2019.
"Jakarta residents, especially young people, are more aware that there are many museums in Jakarta," said Hari Wibowo as Head of the Destination and Marketing Division of the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office at a press conference in Java Soul Coffe, Kemang, South Jakarta, Friday ( 5/7).
Of all participants who register, the committee will conduct a selection process. Participants who register are required to have social media accounts, especially Instagram.
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"There are 20 people who will qualify and have the right to participate in a series of events for 2 days. There will be 10 groups with each group of 2 people. They will roam in museums in Jakarta. We pack this event to be more fun," he said .
Edy Junaedi from the management of the Old City Area appreciated the organization of this event which was a continuation of last year's event. According to him, this event is interesting, entertaining, as well as providing education for participants and the wider public.
"The Jakarta Museum Marathon is very smart. This is fun education, there is education that is fun for participants and the community," he said.
This event is very interesting because it captures participants not only from Jakarta, but from various regions in the country.
A number of artists were invited as facilitators and influencers at this event. Two of them are Lolok and Candil.
In addition to cooperating with a number of influencers, the Jakarta Museum Marathon 2019 also collaborates with communities that have a love for the museum.