Jakarta Beat Society Unites Music Lovers from Various Streams
Jakarta, the Jakarta Beat Society (JBS) music event was a success and attracted the attention of music lovers in Jakarta. Although it was only held for the first time, the event with the concept of the world music festival has brought together music lovers from various streams because all the artists who appear on JBS represent a diversity of musical cultures.
The Jakarta Beat Society begins with a festival that features traditional dance from the Betawi Culture Training Center. The opening of the JBS was held on the second day by the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta's Spatial and Environmental Division, accompanied by the Head of the  Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office, then followed by the appearance of Altajaru presenting Gambang Kromong & Kroncong Tugu as Betawi original music, Helga Violin from Hungary , DEBU from the Modern Sufii music genre, Supa Kalulu from Africa, Later Just Find, and DJ Kamau from the USA. On the last day of holding JBS, this event presented a world-leading American music figure who won a Grammy Award, Chris Berry, besides there was also an appearance from Gangstarasta from reggae music, Kupang Hip Hop, and Jakarta-based band Ino Ensemble and Nonaria.
From Chris Berry and other music figures who already have an international reputation, it is expected that the archipelago music groups that appear on JBS will learn a lot, both through the show and workshop programs designed by the Jakarta Beat Society on 28-30 June 2019.
The Head of the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office said that JBS was presented not only to maintain traditional Betawi music and dance art to stay close to the people of Jakarta, but also to provide entertainment to Jakarta residents and tourists