Four islands in the Thousand Islands will be made into superior areas

Reporter: Suparni | Editor: F. Ekodhanto Purba |

Four islands in the Thousand Islands will be used as superior areas so that they can increase regional income and have a positive impact on the economy of the residents.
The four islands are Karya Island, Panggang Island, Pramuka Island and Tidung Island.
To follow up on the plan, today a coordination meeting was held regarding a superior regional-based development plan that took place at the Mitra Praja office in Sunter, North Jakarta.
"Development starts from Karya Island this year," said Eric PZ Lumbun, Secretary of the Thousand Islands Regency Government, after chairing the meeting on Friday (5/7).
Eric added, the infrastructure development in question included the construction of a swimming pool and infrastructure facilities in the tourism sector.
"What is equally important is human development, including the quality of the community and its management capabilities," he said.