Exclamation of Historic Tourism Destinations in Jakarta Through JMM SMART Race 2019 in-Jakarta-Lewat-JMM-SMART-Race-2019
Jakarta, HanTer - The many potential tourist destinations in the Jakarta area make the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of DKI Jakarta improve. The destination assets include, among others, the Sunda Kelapa Port, the Maritime Museum and the Intan City Bridge which at that time were the entry points for merchant ships.
In addition, there are Dutch government townships that we now know of the Jakarta History Museum (Fatahilah), to a row of historic buildings from the Tanah Abang and Cikini areas.
Well, feeling the potential is abundant, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government continues to strive to develop the quality of tourist destinations, increase facilities, accessibility, and effective and efficient promotion and publication strategies.
Moreover, there are 13 museums under the management of the DKI Jakarta Pempro, including the Jakarta History Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, the Wayang Museum. Maritime Museum, Joang 45 Museum, Inscription Museum, MH Thamrin Museum, Textile Museum, Onrust Archaeological Park, PBB Setu Babakan, National Monument. Si Pitung's house, and the Benjamin Sueb Museum.
"The point is DKI Jakarta Provincial Government through the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture of the Province of DKI Jakarta, continues to make improvements on the side of the facilities, and promotion of existing museums. Following the trends in the midst of society is one strategy for us to promote the museum in Jakarta. If in the previous years we have successfully held vloger competitions, bloggers and amateur photo competitions about museums in Jakarta, this year we will hold the Jakarta Museum Marathon (JMM) Smart Race 2019, "said Heri Wibowo representing Edy Junaedi Kadis DKI Province Tourism and Culture Jakarta in Kemang Timur, Friday (07/07/2019).
Heri said, the event which will be held on 3 and 4 August 2019 is an innovation of the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture office promoting museums in Jakarta by combining sports and tourism (sport tourism). Meanwhile, registration is open from July 5, 2019.
"This 2019 JMM Smart Race will be different from similar events elsewhere. We will make this event more fun, more fun for all participants. "The event will not only be a contest participant, but will also be an ambassador for Jakarta's museum promotion through their respective social media," he explained.
This JMM Smart Race 2019, said Heri, is indeed made as a sport tourism that uses digital technology through social media as the dominant means during implementation.
Not surprisingly, if the use of social media, especially Instagram, will be carried out since the participant's registration, the educational element is an integral part of the implementation of the activity.
"We will apply as much as possible the wishes of the  Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office on this event, especially the use of social media as a means of networking participants and also the activities of participants during the competition, and the readiness of competition infrastructure in the field so that the whole series will run smooth and safe, "he said.
Heri added, Instagram social media use was chosen as a registration requirement and each participant was required to maximize active Instagram, because in this race, participants were required to post their activities when visiting or passing museums and historic sites on their Instagram.
Whereas, for the 2019 JMMSR competition category, namely Museum Roam, Duo Family, Unique Duo Costume and General Duo. This race is open to the public from all over Indonesia and is an annual program in the framework of the 492th anniversary of the city of Jakarta.